It's looking for us and it's looking good for FITEbike.

Kilima's team approached us with the idea of showcasing the FITE bike at trade shows and to potential investors. However, they lacked the advertising expertise necessary to bring the project to fruition. Their request was straightforward: create a video that captures the product's essence and evokes its core emotions. Unfortunately, since the product was still in development, we could only use a 3D-rendered version to represent it. Nonetheless, the FITEbike was the first of its kind globally.

The process

Together with Kilima's team, we devised a concept that highlighted the bike's essential features, including cardiovascular exercise and neural stimulation. We collaborated on a visual concept that conveyed these aspects in a 150-second video. This video allowed the team to showcase their work, gather feedback, and attract influential people in the sports and fitness industry to their project.

How can we collaberate to impact the world?

Our expertise in developing visual concepts that convey the core essence of a product can be particularly valuable to non-profit organizations looking to promote their causes and attract donors. We understand the importance of communicating the emotions and values behind a non-profit's mission and are equipped to help translate those into compelling visuals.

Our team has experience collaborating with organizations of all sizes, and we are passionate about helping our clients make a difference in the world. We work closely with non-profit organizations to understand their unique needs, and our expertise in video production allows us to create content that inspires action and creates meaningful connections with potential donors.

Partnering with us on similar projects will give non-profit organizations access to our expertise in developing compelling visuals and our commitment to using our skills for the greater good. Our goal is to help non-profits amplify their message and attract more support for their cause, ultimately leading to a greater impact in the world.

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