We produce audio and video content, guiding you through the process from from concept to delivery.

Now based in Cape Town
Servicing the Western Cape

Video Production

Audio Production

Goal Driven Content

The world has become a very noisy place.
People are being overwelmed with the amount of messages they receive every day. Do you really want your messaging to get lost in the noise? This will waste your time and money. It will also hinder the growth of your orginisation.

Media production is now easier than ever before. Still, it requires skill and expertise many people and organisations do not poses. Without the skill and expertise to create professional media content you  risk...

not getting the return on investment you need from your content. If you are missing the goal of your message, you are wasting money.

loosing the professional profile that is associated with your organisation.

Without audio visual presence  in the modern market place you...

need to depend on text to convey your message. Text is slow and people will only read your content if they are really curious or and engaded. What if they are not?

loose engagement to your competition that do utilize these communication channels.

risk having your audience and market misunderstand your message.

Create media content that does not add to the noise, stands out and get you the return on investment you need. We assist you in all the creative and technical matters of media production.  

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How can we help you to stand out above the noise?
How can we help your organisation to grow?
By defining your goals and required results we create a plan, a script and a budget that suits your needs. The media content we then produce can be in the following formats, but not limited to:

Corporate Videos

Share your organisation's identity to the people you care about with a corporate video. Invite them into a story that builds trust in your brand.

Short Form Documentaries

Creative non-fiction videos shows the world as it is and has emotional appeal. Use it to bring out the human side of your organisation.

Awareness Campaign Videos

Reach your target audience by communicating a specific message. Rally people to a cause or issue.

Training Material

Create a repeatable training process using audio visual material for internal and external use. Gone are the days where a in person teacher is required for every step of the way.


Dive into the topics you are passionate about on your own podcast. Reach your audience in a personal way. People are more willing to work with you if they feel like they know you.

Audio Books

Publish your books in audio form and reach new audiences. Audio books are being consumed more and more every year.

Now based in Cape Town
Servicing the Western Cape

We Care

We really care about all the orginisations we work with. We know how frustrating it can be to have a life changing message you need to convey to the world, but don’t know how or don’t have the capacity to create professional looking, sounding, feeling content.

Eden Sky Productions helped us put together an incredible video in which we were able to tell the stories and get them (a few organisations and individuals we partner with) the financial support required.
Arno Boshoff
Creative Director
Shofar Christian Church, George
We needed to Increase our reach. They are extremely relational and nothing is ever too much to do!
Ena Richards
CEO, Founder
Work 4 A Living
We got what we paid for and more thanks to Eden Sky's assistance and advise. (Eden Sky Productions) was committed and eager to get the product done within budget, understanding the combination of both business and creative worlds.
Jacques Daniel de Kock
Managing Director
Xplore English
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How does it work?
Follow these three simple steps to success.

Tell Your Story

Meet with a producer and discuss your needs and develop a plan that works for you.

We Produce

We produce the audio and/or video material.

Reach The World

The material gets published.

Now based in Cape Town
Servicing the Western Cape

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Eden Sky

We know you are the kind of people who have something to say that need to be seen and heard.

In order to be noticed you need to communicate in a personal, tangible way. An easily accessible way. In our society audio and visual media is more accessible than ever before.

The problem is it still takes time and expertise to produce good quality content.

You might be uncertain about where to start or how to communicate clearly to your audience or target market. We believe that you should not have to struggle with the work that goes into producing professional content.

That is why we are here to help you to produce media content that gets the results you need, freeing you to do what you do best. Here is how:

Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your required goals and expectations. Together we will develop a plan, a script, a budget to accomplish your goals. And...

Reach the world with your story and grow your orginisation. Start Today.

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